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1603 Rocky Ridge Road
Athens, TX 75751

​(903) 200-1105

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Tumbling II (5+ yrs.) 

1 hour

$80/mo. for 1 class per week, $120 for twice/week

Boys and girls​

Tumbling II builds off of the skills learned in Tumbling I, and students begin to link tumbling skills and learn back handsprings and backflips on floor!

Classes held evenings and Saturday mornings.

Call 903-200-1105 or use the contact form for more info.

Tumbling I (5+ yrs.) 

1 hour

$80 per month for once/week, $120 for twice/week

Boys and girls

Tumbling I focuses on front/back rolls, cartwheel/round-off progressions and is introduced to the back-handspring while building overall power, strength and coordination.

Once students have an effective round-off and a back handspring on trampoline, they graduate to Tumbling II

Classes held evenings and Saturday Mornings.